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Let me introduce you to American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics for immune system support. Many foods boost the immune system functions, and I have discussed some of them in my previous articles, but supplements boost immune system functions as well. Here is some information on the human immune system, how to boost the immune system, and colloidal silver health benefits. This information is based on my own research and opinions about good health products.

The Immune System

The immune system plays such an important role in our bodies. It can recognize unhealthy and damaged cells, and foreign antigens that can harm our bodies in many ways. This includes infections from viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Our immune system produces antibodies for different diseases like chicken pox, and it can help heal wounds. Vaccines also help the body produce antibodies for a particular disease so that if the body is attacked by that disease again the antibodies remember it and can fight it better. Cancer is found as damaged cells in our bodies, and our immune system gets rid of damaged cells. Seems pretty beneficial to look into how to boost the immune system.

Researchers using a mouse model have discovered how stress triggers an immune response in the brain that leads to inflammation and ultimately depression –

An autoimmunity is when healthy cells are mistaken for foreign cells, so the body attacks and destroys. Rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and Graves’ disease are a few of the results from autoimmunity. An allergic reaction also comes from the immune system attacking harmless allergens.

Research suggests that positive thoughts can help boost the immune system, while negative thoughts and stress can lower it. Lack of sleep is another cause of lower immune system function. You should get at least 5 hours of sleep to keep your body healthy to fight off diseases.

Benefits of SilverPackage may be different.

Silver has been used for centuries, and has been known as an antibacterial for over 1000 years. Greeks, Romans, settlers, early American pioneers have used silver in their water or in the material for their containers to purify the water and destroy bacteria. A natural mineral that can super charge the immune system according to some research. Silver particles work by basically suffocating viruses, bad bacteria, and fungi. It is believed that silver can help with cuts, burns, bad breath and gums, and help fight cold and flu by boosting the immune system.

Silver as a metal is non-toxic. When too much ionic or chemical silver is ingested and can’t be quickly removed from the body you can get argyria, or what is sometimes referred to as the blue man syndrome. This condition is cosmetic only, but the discoloration can be permanent. Metallic nano-silver particles like what you find in Silver Biotics products do not cause this condition and can be flushed out of the system within 24 hours because they are metallic.

Colloidal silver health benefits.

I have found this subject to be somewhat controversial from researching colloidal silver. According to the National Institutes of Health website it states:

“Topical silver (used on the skin) has some appropriate medical uses, such as in bandages and dressings to treat burns, skin wounds, or skin infections. It’s also in medicines to prevent conjunctivitis (an eye condition) in newborns. However, there are no legally marketed prescription or over-the-counter drugs containing colloidal silver that are taken by mouth.”

And also this:

“The FDA also warned in 1999 that colloidal silver isn’t safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.

The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission have taken action against a number of companies for making misleading claims about colloidal silver products.”

It is my own opinion, but sometimes I wonder if the FDA prevents some good products from being approved because it might interfere with the medical treatment market. What do you think?

Here is some of the information I found on the Silver Biotics website for American Biotech Labs:

  • Over 400 independent studies and test reports performed by more than 60 leading laboratories and universities, all using our SilverSol Technology®.

  • 30 safety reports and studies.

  • 3 published and FDA cleared human ingestion studies.

  • 20+ peer-reviewed and published scientific and medical journal articles.

  • Thousands of case studies on SilverSol Technology

Colloidal silver can be a mixture of ionic silver, silver colloids, or silver compounds. So, is the FDA speaking against silver as a whole, metallic silver, or chemical silver?

American Biotech Labs Silver Solution

According to the website they use a unique, SilverSol patented, technology producing a metallic nano particle with a thin silver-oxide coating. Basically, it is an advanced colloidal silver that is made with metallic silver and does not work chemically. Studies show there have been no signs of negative interaction with antibiotics, vaccinations, or medications. It also does not inhibit the growth of healthy probiotics. Some have said it is better than antibiotics because the body does not develop a resistance. Supposedly it can help prevent sinus infections, cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and kills the deadly MRSA pathogen. The website states there are no known side effects and

  • Designed to help boost the immune system

  • Safe for children

  • All natural

  • Powerful 10 PPM nano silver solution

  • Made with SilverSol Technology®

  • Daily suggested use for Adults – 1 teaspoon up to three times daily

  • Daily suggested use for Children – ¼ to ½ teaspoon once a day

  • No artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors

  • No preservatives

  • No additives

  • Gluten free

  • 100% Vegetarian

  • Probiotic friendly

  • Scientifically tested

  • Used and recommended by Doctors

Independent studies have shown SilverSol Technology to be up to 10x more effective than products containing up to 3,000ppm silver. –

My personal review of Silver Biotics

The reason I wanted to share this product review with you all is because the immune system takes care of so many functions in our bodies, and I have been using this product for over 10 years with my own family. The immune system can possibly even prevent cancer as well by getting rid of damaged cells in our bodies. I would like to tell you how well it has worked in my own family to help with illness. My oldest child is 13 years old, and he has been to the hospital twice in his life, if you don’t include when he was born. Once when he was 3 because he stuck a red tic tac up his nose while I was driving on the freeway. It looked like his whole face was covered in blood, so as a new mom I freaked out a little. The next time was when he was 11 and started running a dangerously high fever, so I took him to the emergency room. Turns out he had two different strands of the flu, so once they got his fever to break they sent us home with some Motrin and Tylenol and a note for his school so he could be out for a week or more. He didn’t have any other symptoms that usually go along with flu except for a high fever and cough. With a combination of the Silver Biotics, Motrin, and Tylenol, he was completely better in two days, including the day I took him to the emergency room. Another time my other child had an earache, so I put a few drops directly in the ear and the pain was gone within 5 min. I’ve even used it in place of antibacterial hand-sanitize because it lasts longer and the body doesn’t build up a tolerance to it. My family has stayed healthy for over 10 years with the immune support of Silver Biotics.

This has been my personal opinions and research. It is important to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet or supplementation. If you have any comments or opinions please leave them below. If you would like to look into purchasing Silver Biotics for your family, click on the affiliate link below.

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