How Bad is the Weather and My Day?

How bad is the weather and my day? Some say it depends on the weather for the day they have. Does weather affect mood? Or do we just allow the weather to affect how we feel? You always have a choice of what you allow to affect your mood. The change in the weather might be used as an avenue for some to brighten or darken how we already feel. Sometimes what we associate with weather is what determines our day. Since my least favorite, if I had to choose, season just ended I would like to help you enjoy the weather changes ahead and enjoy your days more. Then we can stop letting the weather control us.

Fall into Winter

What do you associate with fall? Love it or hate it? Fall is the transition time between summer and winter. Daylight is less, the temperatures usually start to drop, and the leaves change colors on the trees. The peak of hurricane season is from late August to mid October, and birds migrate south during fall to escape the falling temperatures of the northern areas. My family in Texas are finally getting a break from the sweltering summer heat. We’re preparing for the snow and below freezing temperatures where I live.

Around this time of year some are bringing in the harvest. My kids actually get a week out from school to allow for the harvest. We have corn mazes, hay mazes, a haunted forest, and pumpkin patches I can’t wait to visit. Halloween is coming up fast, and I haven’t even started to think about what we’re doing for Thanksgiving. Some people allow this time of year to bring them down. Maybe it’s the rain or just the cloudy cold days that can remind us that summer is over and we start dreading the cold of winter. This can definitely contribute to a bad mood, but there are ways to keep the blues away.

Let me show you how to associate the things we enjoy with each season. If you can change the way you look at some of the areas in our lives that affect our mood then we can stop allowing these areas to control our moods. For example, some people might not like the chilly, cloudy, or rainy weather that happens during fall, but you do enjoy music. Well, if it’s raining outside and you’re starting to feel down throw on a favorite song that will get you smiling and dancing. You just stopped allowing the weather to control your mood.

Why do you think pumpkin spice and other smells or flavors are so popular this time of year? It comes down to how we allow these smells and flavors to make us feel. Maybe it brings up a happy memory from childhood or you can picture a moment like seeing a beautiful mountain side looking like it’s on fire because of all of the various colors of the fall leaves. My mom and I used to make the best apple cider, and the smell filled the house for days. You can choose to allow the season to drag you down or bring you up. Studies have shown, and I have discussed it in my previous posts, that a good mood can boost our immune system which fights the flu season that seems to coincide with this time of year.

Use the weather to do something you love or that makes you feel good. Sometimes I enjoy curling up in a blanket in the dark on a chilly night to watch a good scary movie. Now I do it as a family with my kids. Don’t like eating a lot at Thanksgiving? One year I decided to have everyone bring their favorite snack or side dish. My mom brought her spinach souffle, and I made bacon wrapped water chestnuts and artichoke dip. One year my ex husband was stationed on the border with the Army so I drove down there and cooked caramel cinnamon rolls and a turkey dinner for all of the soldiers that had to work that day. Maybe hanging out with some friends around a camp fire is your thing. Whatever you enjoy this time of year, choose that over the aspects of the season that can put you in a bad mood.

Frosty Winter Wonderland

Not everyone experiences snow during winter, but we do associate it with this season. This will be the first time my kids will probably experience a white Christmas. There have been a few winters in south Texas that my kids were able to experience a day of snow. It seemed like the whole state shut down. It made me long for the snow we had in the north where my husband and I were from. There’s Christmas, or Hanuka, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day associated with winter time. Do you choose to enjoy this season?

When I was in high school we were snowed in for a week because the main road we lived off of was closed. Our power went out, there was almost 4 ft of snow on the ground, and our running water wasn’t running. It was actually kind of cool the way my parents were able to adapt to the situation. We had a wood burning stove my mom cooked on, we melted snow to use for water, and we put our cold food items in a cooler in the trunk of our car outside. The rest of the time was spent tubing down the mountain side, snowball fights, and digging tunnels in the snow. What we didn’t do was worry about our situation. We didn’t allow the negative to bring us down. It was a nice time my family and I spent together.

Some people get really sad during Christmas time because of family or their situation. If this time of year tends to bring you down, I say find what you enjoy so you can associate that into your life instead of allowing the weather or holidays to bring you down. My mom enjoys handing out McDonald’s gift cards to homeless people because it makes her feel good. My father passed away and their anniversary both happened in December. We like to drive around looking at all of the pretty Christmas lights, and I can’t wait for my kids to wake up after a night of snowfall and see the untouched glistening white fields and mountains around us.

Missing the summer during winter? I’ve always enjoyed eating ice cream blizzards while it’s snowing outside. Grab a margarita with some friends or listen to some summer fun music you enjoy. All because it is cold and dreary outside doesn’t mean we have to choose to be that way on the inside.

Spring into summer.

I love spring time! A time of emergence from winter and new beginnings. Flowers bloom, animals seem to run around and play more, and the smell of freshness after a spring rain shower. I can almost smell it now. The warm weather is welcome after the chill of winter. People can finally start to shed some of the layers they were wearing all winter, just like animals shed their coats. What do you enjoy about spring?

Do you like to hike, well this is a great time to do it. If you like to take pictures, go see some of the beautiful flowers emerging from the frost. Find what you can smile about, that puts a spring in your step, and a joy in your heart. Choose happiness, choose beauty, and choose to begin the goals towards the life you want. We can begin again. “Live life to the fullest because you never get out alive.” I’ve always loved that quote. Even though there is a lot of weather in spring that can bring us to depression or worry, choose the things in your life that springs you out of it. Kind of cheesy, but I think it works.

Back to Summer

Yes, summer just ended in many places. It is my least favorite season because of living in the hot and humid south. This was the season I had to work at the hardest to stay happy. The heat and humidity can seriously irritate you. One of the things I enjoy in summer is water! Swimming, splashing, water fights, and any other way I could have fun with water. My husband and I love having water fights with the kids running around the house. Now that my kids are older they can appreciate the rivers and springs more when we go hiking. There’s also Popsicle, watermelon, 4th of July, and sunshine. Vitamin D from sunshine is actually good for you, but just not too much. This is also a great time for vacations or road trips to fun places. What do you enjoy about summer?

The change in the weather.

How bad is the weather and my day? Does weather affect mood? That is completely up to you. You can choose to allow the weather to put you in a good mood or a bad mood. To live a life to the fullest means to make the decision to enjoy the life you have. Enjoy the little things more and to try to turn a bad situation into something that you can be thankful for. Change the way you look at your life and your life will change for the better. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or just have a comment.

Live! Laugh! Love! Live a life to the fullest!


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