How to Get Out of Depression

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I’m feeling so much better today from flooding my mind with positive thoughts! How is it going for you? Have you found your motivation yet? That is my goal for today. I want to learn how to get up and go! I have found that I am just sitting on my couch or wanting to sleep way too much. It has become a problem for me. I’m pretty sure my husband and kids have noticed. Now I am working on how to physically get my body to move. Do you needs some help with this as well? I say no more curling up in a ball, wrapped in a blanket, while life just passes by. How to get out of depression my way!

Start with nutrition!

I’ve written about the benefits between what we eat and drink and our mental health. Sometimes we need to take our own advice! Well, I actually do follow the nutrition suggestions I have written about, but I have been slacking off a lot lately. Holidays offer too many great tasting treats! The battle with anxiety and depression is constant, but I truly believe that when you put the nutrition, exercises, and thought exercises into practice then we shouldn’t have a problem. Like me, some of us can slip into the funk again, but it should be easier to snap out of it with the help of these 3 areas.

If you are feeling like you are depressed, then take a good look at the foods you have been eating. Check out my nutritional posts about the mind and body to find some great suggestions for foods, drinks, and minerals our bodies can benefit from to boost our emotional health. My family and I take vitamins, but when we were running low I have left them for everyone else to benefit from. Talk about getting up and going to the store! Or just ordering online works too.

Time With Nature

Changing our nutrition should technically be a daily routine, but going outside doesn’t really have to be. My next goal that I have been slacking on is getting outside more. Vitamin D is very good for our minds. I’ve decided, weather permitting, to take small walks outside with my toddler every other day instead of just sometimes. Since it is winter time this may not be possible every day, so if I tell myself every other day then I won’t feel like I have failed if I can’t go outside.

This one isn’t usually a problem for me, but I really haven’t been doing this over the last few months because my mind just wanders or worries. Take the time to enjoy what you see. Look at the flow of the clouds…does it look like a painting? What do you hear? Maybe birds or water? One of my favorite smells is right after a fresh spring rain. It just makes everything smell so fresh and clean. Just taking the time to smile at a pretty flower can really turn a mood around.

Even small steps are a step forward. It’s not like we have to walk a mile or anything. Since there’s snow on the ground around our area, my plan is to just walk my toddler around our yard. This is something I used to enjoy a lot, but the excuses have piled up in my mind to hold me back. I am going to get up and go outside with my little one and teach her about all of the beauty in nature. We both need it, and there’s my motivation! Moms want to do what’s best for our children.

Get Up and Go

I’ve been able to do this one two days in a row now! Yay! Exercising on a regular basis for me has definitely been an area I have slacked on for a few years now. Pretty much since my little 3 year old was born. I guess in my mind I figured she would keep me busy enough that I wouldn’t need to do it. My body is screaming at me for how wrong I was. Even though my husband still tells me I am beautiful, I can’t see it. Sometimes I don’t even want to look at myself.

Forcing ourselves to get up and go is hard sometimes. I tend to distract myself or tell my mind an excuse until the motivation I briefly felt is gone. We really need to force our thoughts to face the uncomfortable. I’ve been looking at my body in the mirror a lot more to keep showing myself that I am choosing to exercise so I can be happier with what I see. Then there’s the whole “I’m getting older so I need to be healthy for my kids” thought I have been repeating in my mind more and more.

We don’t have to start with some crazy sweat till we drop exercises! I’m so starting small… For now only 20ish minutes in the morning right after my kids go to school and my toddler is asleep or at nap time on days when my husband works. If you’re like me, I really do not like to exercise around other people. Maybe I will when I have more confidence in the way I look, but for now I’ll stick with the small blocks of time I have to myself.

For 20-30 minutes I have been doing some simple leg and body exercises. I count them out to a certain number, and then the challenge for me is to hit a higher number the next day. If I can’t get in 20-30 min at once I try to at least hit a total of that time throughout the day. This may not be the best workout plan for most, but my goal at the moment is to just getting myself to move around more!

How To Get Out Of Depression

For me, I’ve basically narrowed it down to three important areas of my life to help get out of depression. First is to look at our nutrition and what we are feeding our bodies. Second is what we are feeding our mind. Am I feeding myself positive thoughts or negative? Enjoying life around us more. A flow of positive thoughts is a necessity to boost our moods! Last is to get our bodies moving. This helps our nutrition, our minds, and our moods. We feel better when we lose weight, we feel better when we get our blood flowing, and we feel better when we see the results!

I’m excited to keep going! Follow my blog if you would like to hear about my results. I would love to know if you have different ways that you used to help your nutrition, mind, and body. The programs out there probably work, but I personally can’t afford them so I am basically coming up with what is comfortable for me. Write down your goals and then you can come up with your own plan to accomplish them. Have you tried any programs? Have you come up with your own plan to get out of depression? Let us know and leave a comment below! We all deserve to live a life to the fullest! Best of wishes to all of you.


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