Love From a Dad

The love from a dad is a very special kind of love. Sometimes they often express their love for us in many ways. My own dad expressed his love for us in the funniest ways! When I was younger, I probably didn’t appreciate his ways of showing love as much as I should have. He taught me to always laugh at life. This is something I want to pass on to my children. The loving memories my dad gave me are priceless.

In Memory of My Dad

My father passed away almost 15 years ago, so I am sharing this post with you in memory of my dad. Hopefully it can help you appreciate the love from a dad. I try to tell my children about him…he was so funny! He could always make everyone laugh. He was a 6’4″ cowboy from Wyoming… He reminded me of a big/tall young Burt Reynolds. When he got older he was more like Walter Matthau in looks and personality! My family and I were just sitting around the dinner table the other night talking about school lunches and it brought back one of his loving and funny memories that I would like to share.

Why are parents so embarrassing?

My dad used to help make our lunches for school, but I’m sure most of you weren’t dreading it every time. I would sit down at lunch with my friends, so happy because I didn’t have to stand in line with most of the other kids getting a tray. As I’m pulling out the wonderful options in my lunch I reach in and pull out a piece of paper. It wasn’t just any paper as I was unfolding it to reveal a sheet of coupons from the newspaper! Seriously? I had to quickly look around to see if anyone else noticed… Of course everyone was looking at me because I laughed so loud! Let the embarrassment flow over me… Now it’s a memory I will cherish forever.

If you did get a folded coupon sheet or newspaper you were lucky! My sister and I received one of his old socks once. Imagine pulling that out of your lunch bag around all of your friends… Gross! There were old scratch off tickets sometimes or old junk mail. We never knew what to expect, but it always brought a laugh to our day. It didn’t end there either. When my sisters and I went to summer camp one year we had to pack a big trunk because we were staying for a month. The entire time we were there we found so many “surprises” in our shirts or socks… Even in our shoes. I can’t help but laugh about it as I write this.

You have to laugh!

Christmas time was so much fun with my dad. One year my parents gave me a huge wrapped box that was so much bigger than my sisters’ gifts. With my excitement mounting I tore into that present first! I removed the paper, opened the box, and started throwing the inside tissue paper all over. Finally, I reached the bottom of the box and nothing… I couldn’t find my gift! As my mom and dad were laughing hysterically at my puzzled look my dad lifted up one of the bottom flaps to reveal a pair of beautiful gold earrings he had taped to the box. Then there were our stockings…we always knew which items were from our dad because they were the most random and cheapest items from the Dollar Store. Fly swatters, door stops, and even those rubber grip things you can buy to help open a jar. Sometimes they were normal…like little dart guns…most of the time we weren’t so lucky. What kid doesn’t want mouse traps for Christmas?!?

I love my dad!

He was always the loudest parent at any of our events! Do you remember doing the school plays in front of all the parents? At the end of certain parts the parents start clapping, well my dad always managed to clap the loudest right at the moment it was fading. Then he would add a loud yell of our name with his deep, boisterous voice. I thought I would die of embarrassment. At least he was always there to cheer us on! That is the love from a dad.

How He Showed His Love

One day I asked my mom why did he like to leave us the notes in our lunches…her reply was “he just wants to make sure you think about him every day.” That was my dad…a rough cowboy on the outside with a heart of gold. He was always the funniest and loudest person in the room. This is just a few of the many stories I could tell you about my dad. I try to pass on these memories to my children since they weren’t born yet when he passed away from cancer. To this day I am the only person I know that had a real covered wagon as a playhouse in our back yard, and we lived in a neighborhood!

How do you want to be remembered?

The love from a dad is very special, but so is the love from a mom. I try to pass along to my children the laughter in life my father taught me. When my siblings and I get together it never fails that we end up remembering something our dad did. Hopefully I have expressed to you a glimpse of the sidesplitting laughs my dad has given us over the years and many more years even after my time. This is how I want to be remembered! I don’t want a funeral, I want a celebration of life. It is my hope that my own children will think about me and tell my stories to their children with love and laughter. Live, laugh, and love your life!

I would love to know what you think or if you have a funny memory of your father! How do you want to be remembered? Please leave me a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Love From a Dad”

  1. Very nice post! I remember be embarrassed by my parents too but now find myself doing some of the same things to my own kids. My dad was similar to yours, tough on the outside but a heart of gold.

    1. It is so much fun to see their reactions sometimes. At least when I was young we didn’t have the internet to share it! Dads can be such softies too. You just have to see past their tuff exterior.

  2. This hits so close to home for me right now. It will have been exactly 4 years tomorrow since my own dad passed away. I miss him, but I cherish the memories that we shared together and smile when I think about the good times we had.

    It took a while for me to get to that place, but now I can smile when I think fondly of him.

    Thanks for creating such a positive and encouraging website!

    1. I am very sorry for your loss. They may be gone, but will live on in our hearts and memories. It’s great you can smile now after losing someone special. Thank you for your kind words.

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