Try Not to Laugh!

I hope you don’t try not to laugh! Hopefully I can at least get a chuckle or a smile from someone. Today is just one of those days when I need to laugh. I have been looking on Facebook for funny things that make me laugh. We all need to laugh or at least try a smile a day. It really is good for your health to have a laugh. My dad was pretty funny, and it always brings a smile to my face when I remember some of the laughs he brought to our lives. Now I would like to share some with you. Please don’t try not to laugh. I hope someone can find some amusement from the two stories I’m going to share about my dad.

The day at the beach.

Have you ever been to the beach and fed the seagulls? Don’t do it!! They are very annoying, swarm whoever has food, and they poop everywhere! I used to live in South Texas when I was young, and every summer when we went to the beach we would see so many tourists running from the seagulls…as we sat there and laughed hoping they wouldn’t come near us. It makes me laugh every time I see that part in Finding Nemo with the seagulls… Mine! Mine!

My aunt had a condo right on the beach, so we loved to go visit whenever we had a chance. In the condo above us we never really noticed much activity except once on the balcony. All we heard was squawking for over half an hour because the people above us were feeding the seagulls. The birds were swarming, squawking, and pooping all over the place.

Those darn seagulls!

We were all getting frustrated because we couldn’t even sit out on the balcony, so my dad decided to fix the situation. My uncle had bought one of those touristy hats from a gift shop to be funny. This one was covered in fake bird poop and it said “those darn seagulls” across the front. Taking the hat out on the balcony, my dad leaned over the ledge as far as he could and yelled in his deep boisterous voice “hey!” Almost immediately three heads popped over and looked down at my dad. He held out the hat, with fake bird poop, and yelled “look what you did to my hat!” No more seagulls were fed off of that balcony again. Don’t feed geese either. Those things will chase you and they bite!

lighten up

Thanksgiving dinner preparation.

I thought I would add this story in since Thanksgiving is just next month. If you have ever celebrated Thanksgiving then you probably understand just how much preparation is involved in it. This story happened when I was about 10 years old and we all went to the store to help my mom shop for Thanksgiving. My dad even came with us this time so he could help, even though he hated grocery shopping. Everything started out normal, but then my dad wandered off…

How does 4 people lose a 6’4″ cowboy, in a cowboy hat, in a grocery store? He managed to slip past us somehow, and as we looked for him we finally found him going down the aisles yelling my mom’s name. All I could think at the time was “you are a grown man!” He said jokingly that one of the workers were going to take him to the lost child area so they could announce her name over the intercom. No my dad was not senile or anything. I’m pretty sure he was just bored.

“Attention shoppers!”

My mom was taking a long time trying to get everything on the list, and she stuck me with my dad so he wouldn’t wander again. That didn’t stop him and he wandered over to the meat section where a young couple were picking out their dinner meats. There was a ham in the cart while they were looking over the turkey selection, and as I glanced toward my dad he took out the ham and replaced it with a duck. What are you doing!?! I was in shock, and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think my sisters would believe me.

A few more time as we wandered the store I saw my dad grab random things off the shelves and drop them in shopping carts we passed. Finally, it was time for us to check out. I was so ready to leave the store, and then it was our turn to bag the groceries. The people behind us started getting their items in the unloading area when a woman starts arguing with her husband about why there was a duck in the cart instead of a ham. That poor guy had to run back and get another ham. He looked so confused, she was furious, and my father and I were trying not to laugh. It was so funny and horrible at the same time. My dad told everyone what he did on the drive home. My mom did a try not to laugh look, but even she couldn’t help but laugh.



I should probably add a please do not attempt disclaimer here so I don’t get in trouble if people start switching stuff in other shopping carts or something. Hopefully you can picture what happened and laugh! Everyone needs to laugh at least once a day. When I tell these stories it helps me remember my dad and laugh, so it’s a win win for me. Do you have any stories about your dad or childhood? Please leave them below, or just let me know if you liked my stories. Thank you!

Live! Laugh! Love!

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