What is Laughter Good For?

Do you know what laughter is good for? It is actually good for your health! If you don’t laugh enough in your life, you might want to start today. I love to laugh whenever I get the chance. The best sound in the world, in my opinion, is a child’s laugh. Did you know that crying is good for you? There are actually many similarities between the benefits of laughing and crying. Let’s see if laughter really is the best medicine.

How laughter is good for you.

Do you feel better after you laugh? I know I do! It can actually wear me out when I get one of those really good laughing sessions in. That’s because you are working out muscles in your body when you laugh. Especially your abdominal muscles. Very healthy exercise, in my opinion. This helps increase your oxygen, blood flow, and it releases chemicals that help you relax. It can also increase cancer fighting cells. That definitely sounds good for you! Laughter also helps fight depression and stress. You can’t really have negative thoughts when you’re laughing. It can also help with depression if you’re feeling lonely. There is a reason people say laughter is contagious. Go out and have a good laugh with your friends. Sometimes I can be pretty clumsy, and usually I just laugh at myself. This is beneficial because it can help reduce any pain by reducing the perception of pain. Being able to laugh at yourself is also a sign of self-love and confidence. Laughter is definitely a mood booster, between the release of chemicals and the positive thoughts associated with laughter. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? I think I’ll go watch a funny movie after this.

It’s OK to cry sometimes.

How is crying a good thing? Well, let’s see how it compares to the benefits of laughter. For one thing, people usually come closer to us when we are crying and this can help us not feel alone. We also release a lot of chemicals into our body when we cry. These chemicals can increase our mood, relieve pain, and reduce our stress levels. The act of crying tears can also help our vision by moistening the eyes, and tears can fight bacteria in our eyes. The other day my friend posted on social media that she was so stressed out she cried. I told her it’s OK to cry! In my opinion, crying gets out the negative feelings and thoughts we sometimes keep bottled up inside. I’ve made myself cry before if I feel like I need a release. This helps to allow for more positive thoughts because of the increased mood we can feel after we cry.

Make me laugh!

There are so many benefits to laugh in life. Now how do you laugh? Well, there are many different options. Social media has helped me every day. I like to watch funny videos, jokes, memes. You can watch a funny movie. Usually we all have a favorite, so you might want to buy that one for your collection if you haven’t already. There are many ways to watch funny comedians or just remembering a funny story. Laughing with my kids is probably my favorite! We all benefit from it too. How do you like to laugh? Just be sure not to laugh at the expense of others. From personal experience I can tell you that is not a good way to get a laugh. It is not funny to make others feel bad or hurt them in any way.

Quick story that might make you laugh… My father was full of laughter and fun! Have you ever seen one of those signs in the mountains that say “Watch for Falling Rocks” ? They are a warning about rocks falling from the mountains. When I was younger we used to drive through the mountains in Colorado to see family. It was kind of a long drive and we didn’t have electronics for entertainment. My dad decided to tell us that “Falling Rocks” was the name of an Indian that lived in the mountains throwing rocks at cars. I don’t exactly remember why, maybe our young age, but we totally believed him! He told us to watch the mountains for him or his cave… it actually kept us entertained for most of the drive! I love that story.

Make me cry!

Do you watch sad videos that make you cry? I really do enjoy doing this on purpose! I’m not talking about movies that are sad because there’s violence or something really horrible that happens. Maybe you liked it, but I will never watch The Shack again! Dances With Wolves is also on that list. The movies I’m talking about are the ones that make you cry but also feel good. To name a few suggestions I’m referring to:

I think you get the idea. It’s not a feeling of depression I am going for, but a release of some negative emotions I get built up inside. You could even watch some of those videos on Facebook with random acts of kindness. It is OK to cry sometimes in my opinion, because it allows us to release our negative energy to help make it easier to accept positive energy.

What is laughter good for?

It is my opinion that we all need to release our emotions. Either through laughter or crying. They both have many positive benefits for our minds and body. They both help fight depression and they help me stay more calm and less stress. We laugh so hard we cry, and sometimes we cry so much we laugh. Use them for the positive benefits. If you do feel like you are crying for no reason or uncontrollably you might want to speak to a health professional. We all deserve to live a life to the fullest!

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Live, laugh, love your life!

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2 thoughts on “What is Laughter Good For?”

  1. Hi, that part about increasing cancer-fighting cells is it proven? I know for sure that the kind of media content you listen to or watch can greatly influence your mood. for instance, if I listened to Cardi B no need to explain savage my day would be😂

    1. Hi Hope! Yes music is a great mood influence! You just choose the mood you want it to influence😀 From what I have learned, cells in your immune system recognize cancer cells as abnormal and kills them. Laughter can activate cells in your immune system. You might not be able to laugh yourself cancer free, but maybe it could help. Thank you for your comment!

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